Corner Damper (Kwik Fix) soft close cabinet door damper (708)


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• “All-rounder” – works with all self-closing hinge types

 • Heavy duty all metal, nickel plated

 • Adjustable damping pressure, front and backside

 • Corner Damper mounts in the corner on the hinge side

• Only one Corner Damper is needed for most applications

 • Non-handed

 • Single screw installation

 • No pilot hole required if self-tapping Hi-Lo thread type screw is used

 • Recommended fastening screw type: flat-head countersunk # 8 x 1″

 • Childproof, no loose parts

 • Made in Germany

 • International patent application pending

Don’t confuse these with the cheap Chinese
products that have to be moved around to
find a place where they will work.

They are adjustable and mount to the hinged
side of the cabinet.

They work with either framed or frameless cabinets
and nearly every type of self-closing hinge.