Sample Order Policy

We appreciate that when purchasing new knobs and pulls for your cabinets, it is important to make sure that you get the quality and finish that you want and will live with for a long time.

We have built our website so that you can shop and compare over 4,000 items.  To offer you such a variety we partner with 3 additional warehouses besides ours.  Each of these warehouses Jamison, Berenson and Belwith have their own shipping charges which get combined for you, but we have to absorb these charges when you order multiple samples from different brands.

It is best to order your samples from just one of our brands, this way you can have the best chance of having finishes that match in different sizes and configurations.

We cannot accept returns of sample knobs and pulls.  In other words we won’t give credit for return of quantities of (1) one of any item.

If you purchase multiple samples of 1 each and end up ordering more of any of the items we will give you a credit in the amount of shipping charge that you paid for your sample order.

We appreciate your business and hope you understand our policy.