Pro Brand Hardware

Check out 81 new Pro Hardware items.  The new collections are Pro Mod, Pro Preferred, and Pro Transitions.  All knobs in these collections are $3.52 ea, 96mm c/c pulls are $5.20 and 128mm c/c pulls are $6.87.  All of these items are available in Matt Black, Satin Nickel or Satin Champagne finish.

Pro Select Collection Pro Mod Collection Pro Preferred Collection Pro Transitions Collection

We still offer 48 items in 2 groups, Select each item is $4.02 and Premier where the items are all $5.17 each. Items are either Traditional Style or Modern Style.  Finishes are Bronze Tone or Silver Tone (Chrome and others Weathered Nickel).

Pro Select $4.02 Items Pro Premier $5.17 Items

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