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Check out 81 new Pro Hardware items.  The new collections are Pro Mod, Pro Preferred, and Pro Transitions.  All knobs in these collections are $3.52 ea, 96mm c/c pulls are $5.20 and 128mm c/c pulls are $6.87.  All of these items are available in Matt Black, Satin Nickel or Satin Champagne finish.

Pro Mod CollectionPro Preferred CollectionPro Transitions Collection

We still offer 48 items in 2 groups, Select each item is $4.02 and Premier where the items are all $5.17 each. Items are either Traditional Style or Modern Style.  Finishes are Bronze Tone or Silver Tone (Chrome and others Weathered Nickel).

Pro Select $4.02 ItemsPro Premier $5.17 Items

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